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Have you been wanting Spin Pins but haven’t wanted to spend $8 on 2 bobby pins?

Yeah, I haven’t wanted to spend that either! BUT I just found found them at Hobby Lobby for $2!!!!! I was ridiculously excited about a silly bobby pin. They are soo cool! I am obsessed now! They hold really well and no more hair band marks! Go get some!

Hobby Lobby is so magical.

Tip #3

Switch up your shampoos and conditioners every time you buy a new one. Using the same one over and over can leave your hair dull and flat. Also using new ones can help remove build up from the last kind. 

Tip #2

After putting lotion on and it’s mostly rubbed in, run your fingers through your hair. The lotion will help get rid of static and make your hair soft and smooth.

Tip #1

Rinse cold water through your hair at the end of your shower to seal in moisture.